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About Us

Logo'Residential Inspections' is a group of engineers who dedicate themselves to design the best possible solutions to your structural and civil needs. We use our local resources and affiliates in order to give a fast reliable service that our client deserves. We have earned the reputation of giving fast reliable service that not only meets our client's expectations but also exceeds it. The company's reputation of practical design and good service is becoming known to the building industry. We are also known for versatility in regards to design and understanding; we believe that not all that we see in paper will actually be the same as what we will encounter on site. This is when you (our client) will see the difference between us and our competitors. Our attitude is to provide you an alternative solution to suit the actual problem. At Residential Inspections we will guide you from the start to the end.

"Let's make your house a HOME!"

Why are you Different?
"New clients often ask the question so why should we go with you and not your competitors?"

We are different because we will give you the best possible solution to your structural needs which in turn will save you material costs.

"It's a common mistake of new builders to solely base their selection of Engineers from the initial structural quotation provided, they don't realise that the Engineering fees is only a small percentage of the actual building cost. An over designed structural component will increase your building cost dramatically."

Looking for the Best Structural Engineering Consultants in Sydney?
Residential Inspection's Sydney structural Engineering team is experienced in a wide variety of building structures, including residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our personnel bring outside multi-industry experience that enhances their designs by adding new techniques and knowledge. Our senior people take a hands on approach to developing the right structural solutions and delivering successful outcomes to our clients.

Robert Velarde – Managing Director

Robert Velarde is a Civil and Structural engineer with over 25 years experience in projects such as residential and commercial buildings. He is responsible for the overall management of the business and delivery of engineering projects. Robert is widely known and regarded for providing 'value adding' engineering solutions that are practical, cost effective and innovative, and a has a practical knowledge of the construction process and the industry.

At Residential Inspections we understand where you are coming from and build our relationship from that foundation.