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At Residential Inspections, we offer Structural and Civil Engineering Consulting Services. They are listed below but if you don't see the service that you need then just give as a call and we are happy to help.

  • Site Classification
    There are two types of site classifications that we offer. Our clients selects which one will suit them better
    • Borehole – This is a simplier way to estimate the classification of the site based on sound knowledge and on the material encountered on site. We do this by drilling (2 holes min) bore holes on site and making our decision based on the material encountered plus also visual inspection of the overall site.
    • Geo-Tech- is a more detailed soil classification, this is done by getting samples of the material encountered on site and bringing it to the laboratory to do several tests in order to get the classification.
  • DCP Testing- is also known as Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. This type of testing is used to determine the strength and bearing capacity of the soil. This will guide you on the approximate depth foundation that you will require to get a good foundation. This is done by driving repeatedly a metal cone on the ground and recording data of blows versus penetration.
  • Wind classification- N1,N2,N3,N4
  • Slab on Ground- Waffle Slab, Raft slab, Cupolex
  • Pad and Strip footing
  • Suspended Slab and concrete beams
  • Structural Steel Beam Design
  • Structural Timber Beam Design
  • Concrete Pools
  • Retaining walls- Blocks, Bricks, Timber, Tasman, Keystone
  • Sydney water peg-out report
  • BOS (Building Over Sewer) and BAS( Building Adjacent to Sewer)
  • Drainage Plan
  • Surveying
  • Pre purchase Report
  • Dilapidation Report
  • Portal Frames
  • Industrial and commercial slab and frame design
  • Existing structure report
  • First floor addition report and design
  • Rectification and remedial works
  • Certifications
  • Driveway Design
  • Structural advice consultancy